About us

Signature HR was established in 2010 with two primary goals, firstly to allow small to medium sized businesses access to quality HR assistance, supporting them with all employee matters such as handbooks, employment law advice, disciplinary matters to name but a few.

Finding your way through the HR journey

And secondly, to work in partnership with companies to provide a world-class pre-employment screening service to our clients, this we feel is integral to creating a successful business be it large or small.

Due to our background in HR and Recruitment we are all to aware of the impact on organisations when a recruitment decision goes wrong, equally the importance of retaining valued employees to ensure a thriving and successful business. All to often the screening process is not considered at all when making a recruitment decision or is not completed correctly. Our specialist account managers ensure that no stone is left unturned when searching all data sources providing the insight our clients require to make truly knowledgeable recruitment decisions.

The decision to recruit new talent can be a significantly under valued and misunderstood process. The impact on any organisation of getting that decision wrong can not only be adversely financial but also directly effect the organisation in respect of both its development and achieving their goals.

The team at Signature are professional and highly experienced, we believe the importance of the relationship between us and the clients we work for is imperative, and therefore take very seriously our commitment to matching a specific account manager for each individual client ensuring continuity of care.

We recognise the changing employment landscape within the UK over the last few years, we have seen a recession and a change of government, which have dramatically impacted organisations across all industry sectors. In a climate where we are encouraged to be bold and branch out into business it is more imperative than ever to ensure that employers understand how best to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of employment.

Signature exists to be your guide on this journey.