Recruitment Strategies for today’s workforce…


When you want to gain the best employees your recruitment and selection processes need to be the best…

Dynamic and thriving companies always hire the smartest people, their HR department spend time in finding the best ways to do this, that is why at Signature HR we offer the very best in Pre-employment screening.

Six out of ten employers have rejected a candidate, or failed to confirm an appointment because of an unfavourable reference. 
One of the reasons for the continued emphasis on reference checking is evidence that more job candidates are lying or exaggerating their achievements or experience on their CVs.
 This is more prevalent in the current tough economic climate as competition for each vacancy is significantly increased.

Take a look at this article from Forbes magazine for further insight into pre-employment screening:

Why is it important to conduct Exit Interviews…


Exit Interviews are a great way to look at how companies can improve retention and employee engagement. They offer an invaluable source of information to identify the reasons why an employee has left the company, provide constructive feedback and potentially give an insight into any recruitment, or training improvements that can be made.

One of our clients City Electrical Factors have told us why they find our Exit Interview process so rewarding…

“We engaged with Signature HR to assist us with our exit interview process.  Since the implementation we are capturing a much wider audience and we now have data in a useable format. We have been able to provide regular reporting to our top management which has enabled action to overhaul our out of date recruitment and employee engagement processes.  I have been very impressed with the way Signature HR have conducted themselves whilst representing CEF”.

Signature HR: Managing the Employment Journey

Employment Journey

You wouldn’t start any journey by not knowing where you wanted to end up. You would plan how you are going to get there

The employment journey is no different,; if you want to hire and retain the best talent to support the achievement of your business objectives it is vital that you have the right ‘Employee route map’ in place to support this journey.

At Signature HR we specialise in helping companies navigate the employment journey. Through our pre-employment screening, health checks and surveys to exit interviews we can help and support your business in making the right decisions from recruiting and retaining the best talent to gaining valuable insight to allow you to shape your people strategy.

To discuss how we can help your organisation through the employment journey call one of the team on 024 7699 7783.