Exit Interviews

Why conduct exit interviews?

Exit Interviews are a vital tool in supporting organisations, improving retention of talent and employee engagement by:

  • Identifying why employees leave
  • Whether employees are leaving to join competitors
  • Identifying trends and causes such as management style, communications, reward and recognition and environment
  • Getting feedback on things that are working well
  • Identifying employee perceptions
  • Opportunity to leave the employee with a positive image of the organisation

Why outsource your exit interviews?

Typically an exit interview is a meeting between at least one representative from a company’s human resources team and a departing employee. However, there is feedback that this traditional approach limits the quality of the feedback received from the departing employees as they may feel that being honest may affect any future reference they require. The true value of an exit interview can only be realised if the employee can trust and relate to the individual conducting the interview.

The engagement of an independent external company to conduct exit interviews allows an impartial third party to support employees giving truthful and more qualitative feedback.

The professional team at Signature HR are extremely skilled in producing quality exit interviews providing insightful feedback which have empowered organisations to engage on change programmes which have delivered positive results.

Our exit interview service

Signature HR offer its clients a comprehensive and professional approach to Exit Interviews, we are dedicated to providing you with insightful feedback which will support the future development and well being of your organisation.

Interviews are conducted over the phone by experienced members of the team at times convenient to the employees, it comprises questions which require a numerical assessment, but also give an opportunity to give contextual answers which can give a richer depth to the issues being experienced within your organisation. Our friendly and approachable style combined with our flexible approach ensures that the employee is comfortable and confident that they can express their true opinions and views.

This individual approach allows us to supply you with in depth analysis giving the employer a readymade action plan outlining the key themes which will support the retention of talent within the organisation.

Addressing these issues is not only nice to have but has been clearly demonstrated to add directly to the organisations bottom line by reduction in recruitment costs through the retaining of skills and consequently reducing the need to train new staff members.

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