Pre-Employment Screening

Reference checking may seem unnecessary or even pointless, but research shows that three-quarters of employers see it as an essential part of selection.

Why screen your future employees?

Reference checking remains one of the most effective methods of ensuring that a recruitment decision is the right one. Research also shows that organisations regularly act on the information they receive on job candidates from former employers and often change employment decisions on the basis of unsatisfactory references.

Six out of ten employers have rejected a candidate, or failed to confirm an appointment because of an unfavourable reference. 
One of the reasons for the continued emphasis on reference checking is evidence that more job candidates are lying or exaggerating their achievements or experience on their CVs.
 This is more prevalent in the current tough economic climate as competition for each vacancy is significantly increased.

Why outsource employee reference checks?

The process of reference checking can be both time consuming and convoluted for HR departments and Administrators. To complete a comprehensive pre employment check requires not only the seeking of references from previous employers but also verification of data such as address history, financial and criminal checks.

Accessing the range of data sources required to get a complete picture of a prospective employee is not straightforward. 
Outsourcing of this process allows your HR team to concentrate on their core value activities; they will be presented with a comprehensive report which will support the recruitment process.

Our pre-employment checking service

The team at Signature HR are experts in providing detailed and comprehensive pre-employment screening reports to support your recruitment process.

We have access to all major databases and information sources which allows us to satisfy all your requirements, ensuring that a recruitment decision truly delivers the value you require.
 Our service can be tailored to meet the individual, job or offer of employment being made, depending on the depth to which an organisation wishes to investigate, this may be driven by the seniority or sensitivity of the role.

Pre-employment checks can encompass:

Basic screening checks

  • Obtaining employment references
  • Address Checking (present and historical)
  • Verification of degrees, qualifications or memberships with professional bodies

Further checks

  • Press and Internet searches
  • Search for directorships and partnerships
  • Land Registry and property searches
  • Bankruptcy and financial searches (especially relevant for roles within a financial environment).
  • Criminal records check (CRB)

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