So What Is The Secret To Recruitment?

Whether we are in a booming economic climate or dealing with a double dip recession having best practice recruitment could be the differential factor between business success and failure.



The recruitment conundrum of hiring and retaining the brightest talent is not diminished whatever the economic climate. Competitive advantage for any organisation will heavily revolve around the people who wok for you. They really need to be your strongest asset, your source of growth and success. Therefore the ability to attract, develop and retain top talent really should be part of your daily focus.


So how do you ensure that you achieve this?


Recruit individuals who have entrepreneurial spirit

Always look to recruit creative people, someone who recognizes an opportunity. These individuals generally have different DNA. They maybe more difficult to manage but there spirit and thinking could be a game changer for you.


Don’t think bums on seats:

A lot of companies panic when they have a vacancy; they rush decisions just so that they get someone on board. Make sure you take time to consider and individual’s personality and fit with your culture, you should interview multiple people 2 or 3 times before hiring. Take time to check their background, a bad hire is more damaging than having ‘no one”


Organisational Balance

It’s important that the structure of the organisation supports growth; too many chiefs and not enough Indians can cause stagnation whilst a manager with too many direct reports can be overrun.


Core Values

Skills and knowledge can be taught to do the job but you need people who possess a strong work ethic and motivation, there qualities are invaluable when times get demanding.



This works both ways you, engaged staff are more productive. The employee/employer relationship is no different that any other relationship in that it needs to be fed and worked at.