We all tell a few porkies on our CVs, Don’t We?

So Scott Thompson resigns because he lied on his CV and we find out that Andy Coulson hasn’t been vetted properly, holding News International shares whilst being in the inner government circle influencing policy.



Both these stories bring into clear sight the importance of conducting in-depth employment screening. Each of these embarrassing situations could have been prevented if the organisations had have been more diligent before they commenced their roles.

With the job market being more competitive than for many years due to the economic climate there is a greater tendency than normal for people to embellish their CVs. Unwinding poor appointments is costly and disruptive and completely preventable if companies ensure they devote the proper time and resource to completing the pre-employment process.

The reality of most companies big or small is that the pre-employment process is not given the significance and value it should have. Organisations are more interested in getting the new recruit in the building rather than testing than they have got the recruitment decision right.

In small organisations there is even more pressure on resourcing and filling the vacancy quickly.

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